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MUCC New album + SIX NINE WARS Japan Tour

So unactive ;A;

Since this news is quite new I felt the need to share it here:

MUCC announced (click) that they will be touring for 7 months through Japan. (they also had this on youtube) It's called SIX NINE WARS and they will hold a total of 55 lives, seperated in different tours. (click for overview and click for translation of dates and places, etc.) They also briefly mention how they wanted to tour overseas, but are unable to do so, so instead they welcome us to come to their lives in Japan instead.
What they also announced is that they will be playing new songs of their new album (!) during the tour, so it's possible to hear the songs live before the album is even released! How cool is that!

Let me know what you think about all these announcements, are you able to go to one of the gigs? How do you feel about a new album?

As for me, I'm extremely excited, I might be able to go to the "Thanatos vs Thanatos" gig and the "The End of The World" gig! Tatsurou mentioned in the video that the new album will have a sound that's also new to MUCC. I actually thought they tried all kinds of styles already, so what will it be? All I can say is that I like it how they try all kinds of things, so I'm very interested to see what else they will create and do.
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